Wednesday, 28 August 2013

How to contact me

I've been away from the blog for a while simply because I've been busy with the web site.  My feedback page in the web site got hacked and was being used to send spam email.  Then I tried to make a feedback page with a captcha (sorry to anyone who doesn't understand all this - I wish I didn't have to learn it all, but I do).  Anyway after learning about captchas and making a feedback page with one and getting it to work (not easy for someone as useless as me) I read that the bots are now able to spam captchas too!  So, new idea.  If anyone wants to contact me about the website they can do it through the blog.  I trust Google will be able to stop the spammers better than I can and this will mean I don't get scary emails from my web host threatening to remove my site forever and ever and ever (I exaggerate slightly).

So post any questions you have in the comments box below and I'll post them and answer them as best I can.  For me to answer your question it helps if you can let me know as much as poss., location, time, plant the animal was on, etc.