Wednesday, 9 March 2011

smaller format free ebooks

Well, it can't be said that I don't listen. I've reformatted the free ebooks to have a smaller page size so that they are easier to read on small screens. So now there are 2 versions of each ebook on the downloads page.

This probably would not have happened if I had a lovely iphone or similar. The trouble is I hardly use my mobile phone, so can't justify the expense. What I need is a gadget that can be used for surfing the internet, reading books, listening to music - doing everything but phoning. If it could also make coffee I would pay big money for it, but perhaps I'm asking too much.

Monday, 7 March 2011

The Northern spinach

Just added this image of the Northern spinach to the page with the other Geometridae moths. I have no idea where it got the strange common name. I took the photograph last August. I'd seen the moth a few times, but could never get a photograph of it. In the end I caught it and took it home to photograph, then put it back when I next took the dog out.

I couldn't identify it from the photographs I'd taken, and thought no more about ti, but then I was reading a book about woodland insects, and came across its photograph. So at last I could put a name to it.
Me and my kindle

Well I do love my kindle. Especially as I can get loads of old classics for free. I'm discovering books I've never read, but should have, and wonder why I have got to this great age without reading. Just finished The moorland cottage by Elizabeth Gaskell - a great bedtime read. And I have discovered E F Benson - I know probably everyone else has read his/her books, but I just finished Miss Mapp. It was hilarious, so I'll read the rest of them when I get the chance.

There must be thousands like me out there reading classics that they've never read before. Perhaps that is one of the best things about the kindle.