Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Bumblebees and hedgehogs

I've had a few emails about hedgehogs breaking into bumblebee nests recently. All nests have been above ground, and only one was destroyed completely. From the hedgehog's point of view a bumblebee nest in the open must be a very tempting morsel with juicy grubs, and honey and pollen to follow. I imagine it is impossible for a bumblebee to sting a rolled up hedgehog, but I should think a hedgehog snout would be a very easy target. This year I've seen far more hedgehogs than I usually see, and this is after one of the severest winters this generation. Perhaps there is a shortage of other, easier to get at foods, or perhaps people are more vigilant where bumblebees are concerned. Hard to tell. Also hard to tell people that have watched the progress of "their" bumblebees for months that the destruction is "natural". So hedgehogs have been added to the predator page.

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