Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Molanna angustata, Adult caddis fly

Just added this caddis fly to the Molannidae section of the caddis fly pages.
The weather has turned mild and the woods were full of flying insects today. Mainly flies, but a few moths. There are still hoverflies in the garden, but no bees of any kind. Queen wasps have taken to the log sheds to hibernate. I keep uncovering them as I bring in logs to burn. They just lie, uncovered on the underside of a log, looking like they are dead.


  1. I cannot find anything about you on this blog.
    Please create an about page with your name and a bit about you?

    Please email me so I can quote your name in references to your writing on the website about bumblebees.


    Hank dot ensing at gmail dot com

  2. Hi Hank,
    My name is Laura Smith, and I am currently located in Torphins, Scotland. The site is about bumblebees and other invertebrates. It is not about me - I am terrifically boring, whilst they are fascinating. There is some information about the history of bumblebee.org on http://www.bumblebee.org/booksBookshops.htm#about


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