Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Bombus hypnorum travels north

Bombus hypnorum (tree bumblebee) has reached the north side of the Humber! It won't be long before it reaches Scotland - if it hasn't already. The pic above was sent in to my by the people at Bees in Art.

Bird boxes are popular nest sites for this bee - if fact I get more emails from people with bumblebees in their tit boxes than I do from those with bumblebees in bumblebee boxes.


  1. Hi there! Sorry for asking this here. But do you know why woodlice 'prefer' red light to blue light?

  2. So glad i read this as having trouble identifying and looked like hypnorum but in Nottingham and in old nest box. Your website is amazing, totally inspiring. Off to make a flowerpot nest now. Thank you!

  3. Hi!
    Please have a look on our newly published key to bumblebees in Norway. Unfortunantly it is only in norwegian, but an english version will come.. Stay tuned!

    Best regards,
    Arnstein Staverl√łkk
    Norwegian Institute for Nature Research (


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