Monday, 26 September 2011

Ticks feeding on me!

I have been unwillingly providing a female deer tick with a meal!  After my shower I was rubbing cream on my elbow when I felt a little bump.  There was a speck of black on my elbow, just a tiny couple of millimetres sticking to my elbow.  No pain, no blood, nothing.  It was a tick.

So I got dressed and searched out the otom tick removal tool that I got from the vet for my dog (when we moved here 3 years ago the tick medicine I'd been giving her every month was not strong enough for the Upper Deeside ticks, so until the new stuff started to work she got ticks).  This tool looks rubbish, but it works a dream.  Anyway I hauled the thing out, and my elbow is fine, so I must have got all of the mouthparts.

Now I don't know whether to go to the doc to get checked out for Lyme disease.  My neighbour has had it, and it is nasty if untreated or undiagnosed.  All part of the joys of living in paradise, I suppose.

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