Thursday, 6 October 2011

Slug eggs

Found loads of these slug eggs whilst forking my compost from one bin to the other.
I put them into the new bin.  They looked just like seed pearls, they really are the most beautiful and delicate looking things.  Sometimes, when there are masses of them, I put some on a plant saucer and lay them out for the birds, but I always feel guilty doing this.

I don't mind slugs in the compost bins, after all they are breaking down the stuff I put in there, but I do hate it when they hoover up my seedlings.

Still reading Dawn French.  I'm not sure I like the format the biog. takes - a series of letters to people - at times I find it a little contrived, but it does allow her to speak as different aspects of herself, and even as different characters.  Her letters to Madonna are funny, but I'm not sure what they are doing in her biog. as they read like they are written by a character from one of her progs.

Just started the Magician by Somerset Maugham.  I'd started this book years ago, but lost it while travelling.  Good old Kindle, now I can finally read it.  I'd forgotten all about it, but was browsing through Feedbooks and found it.

Blustery cold wind in the garden today, but beautiful blue skies, so too hot in the greenhouse with my fleece on.  Picked some more sweet peas.  Why isn't there a scent called sweet pea, I cannot think of a nicer fragrance.  For the past few months I've had a small vase of them on my desk.

Today my study is being kept nice and warm by the sun, but I will probably have to like the woodburner when the sun goes down.  I'll be burning some of my next door neighbours' copper beech.  Beech gives out a really good heat, but I have read that ash is the best.  And for kindling I am still burning my way through my other neighbour's laths after the work they had done on their house last year.  The workmen were delighted to put the wood over my wall as it saved them hoisting it into the skip and getting it carted off.  I'm the great recycler!


  1. When I was worm composting in an old garbage can I would collect slugs crossing the lawn and add them to the kitchen scraps. They tended the top of the compost pile while the worms worked the interior. When the can was subjected to the hot summer sun the slugs were killed. I did non find any eggs in the compost so the worms may have eaten them.

  2. I tend to find the slugs on the top too, and also down the sides. It is the same with the eggs. I have plastic compost bins with holes in the sides. It never gets hot enough in Scotland to kill the slugs, but it gets pretty cold in winter, and I never see any eggs then.


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